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Lambing Weekend - 29 Feb & 1 Mar

Address Easton College, Bawburgh Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5DX

01603 731200

Introduction to Herbal Medicine - £195

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  • Duration
    6 days

  • Start Date
    Wednesday 22nd April 2020

  • Venue
    Easton College

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Start Date

  • Wednesday 22nd April 2020


This introductory herbal medicine course will look at ways in which herbal medicine has been in use for centuries and how it has become even more vital in the 21st century

Throughout the course you'll enjoy the tasting and experience of traditionally used herbs and we will explore how they can help the physical body as well as improve mental and emotional imbalances

Teas, tinctures and topical applications of herbs will be looked at using a variety of native herbs found in the wild (such as burdock and meadowsweet) or grown in gardens (such as lavender and dandelion) as well as some found in our kitchen cupboards (such as turmeric and ginger)

We are surrounded by a ready supply of medical herbs and from this course you will have the confidence to identify those that may be ideal for you

The aims of this course are to :

  • raise awareness of the history, uses of herbs and how to prepare herbal medicine
  • identify 10+ local common herbs and wildflowers
  • be aware of the how herbs have been used, from being the earliest form of medicine to date
  • understand the actions and uses of 10+herbs. How taste is important
  • understand herbs within the naturopathic and holistic approach and gain an Iridology assessment
  • learn ways to prepare herbs to use medicinally and make own herbal tincture
  • identify, learn and study specifically, about 10+common herbal plants and their possible medicinal uses, namely: Burdock, Comfrey, Dandelion, Elder, Hawthorn, Lavender, Mullein, Meadowsweet, Nettle

Duration : 6 days (Wednesday Evenings)
Times : 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Why Our College?

Rewarding career opportunities

with Wildlife Trusts, National Parks, councils, land agents and private estates.

Royal Horticultural Society approved

Our College is a RHS Qualifications Approved Centre.

Outstanding facilities

Our 245-hectare site with walled gardens, polytunnels and landscape construction provides an ideal learning environment.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements

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