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Combine harvester will add to learning opportunities for engineering and agriculture students

4th December 2020 – Tags: Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture

The John Deere 975 combine harvester that arrived at Easton College this week.

The John Deere 975 combine harvester that arrived at Easton College this week.

We were delighted to take delivery of a John Deere 975 combine harvester this week, which will increase the on-site learning opportunities available to Easton College students.

The combine harvester, which has come to Easton College from Charlie Atkins Farm Machinery in Dereham, will be well-used by our Engineering, Agriculture, and work-based learning students, all of whom have harvester units within their courses.

This latest addition to our stock of farm machinery will be given a thorough evaluation before being put to regular use within these areas of our curriculum.

Level 3 Engineering students have already started working on the combine to prepare it for its new life here at Easton, inspecting and removing some bent guards in order to make them safe.

The longer-term vision for the combine is that it could potentially go back to harvesting work, creating even more learning opportunities for our students.

Engineering Lecturer Any Salmon says:

We are very excited about the arrival of the combine, which is in excellent condition for its age. This combine will tick all the boxes within our harvester units.


When you strip away the superficial tinwork the inner workings are remarkably the same as the old pre-war Threshing Tackle right up to modern combines of today - albeit todays machines are powered by engines under strict emission regulations, not to mention computer technology involved in yield mapping and process monitoring.”